About Me - Michael Ertem Photography

I am a Real Estate Broker residing and working in Berkeley, CA. Photography has been one of my hobbies and passions since the late 1970s. I enjoy shooting pretty much everything from studio portraits to everyday events. I love documenting the events in my family, especially the development of my kids. I probably have several terabytes of images of my children, family and friends.

I like to contribute to the community  where we live. I do volunteer work for community non-profit organizations. I also love to donate my time and  my skills to those who cannot afford to hire a professional photographer, especially for our heroes serving in the military, our teachers, fireman, police and health workers. If you need my photography services pro-bono, send me an email and tell me your story and why it is important to document the moments you want.

I am very respectful to full time professional photographers. My pro-bono work is not designed to take away paying jobs from them. I don't offer my photography services for free unless recipient is in need financially.

If you need my real estate services in Berkeley and the surrounding cities, you can visit me at  Northern Crest Realty and check my Home Seller Savings Program and Homebuyer Rebate Program.

Michael Ertem

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